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Old Silk Saree

Real Zari is made of pure fine silver or other gold thread which is drawn from gold alloys. They are passing equal pressure on the rotating roller, the flattened silver thread wound around the base yarn. Yes, it is made of yarn of silk and other cotton mixture with silver, copper, and then gold. Zari thread mainly uses intricate designs when weaving into silk fabrics. Extensive use in handicrafts and textile industries.

We are known as the honest Old Silk Saree buyers in Chennai, selling your sarees at the best price here. Do you know the pure gold zari which has 98.5 percent around with plated and silver present under the classic Banaras saree? Red thread twisted is available with the thread one and it also dips into the gold that comes from the pure gold zari. Twisting flattened metallic strips comes from the silver, gold, metallic polyester yarn.

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