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Our company has been in the business of purchasing old silk sarees in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, for the past 40 years. We have developed a rigorous process for accurately assessing the quality of these sarees, which involves taking a small sample of the zari without causing any damage to the saree. This allows us to offer a reasonable price.

However, we have heard from some customers that it can be difficult for them to physically visit our store in order to sell their old sarees. This is especially true for people who live a long distance away from Chennai or are unable to travel due to other obligations.In order to make things easier for all of our customers, regardless of their situation

How do test old silk sarees?

We are To determine the value of an old silk sarees item, we take a small zari thread sample of the zari and test it for the presence of silver . If the zari contains an adequate amount of these precious silver zari , oldsilks calculate the amount of zari used in the item and offer the customer a fair price based on the quality and quantity of the old zari silk sarees .

OLDSILKS™ is government certified registered company which gives quick access to the customers for selling excess Old Silk Sarees. OldSilks™ offers easy way to exchange your Old Silk Sarees through Stone or Salpuric Assit Technology evaluation rightly in front of customers.

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